Being the mother of a child with special needs brings many blessings and challenges along the way. You might sometimes find yourself asking, “How do I find time for myself when so much is expected of me?” or “Is life balance and self-renewal even remotely possible anymore?”. The best and most effective way you can help your child or children is to take care of yourself. Think about what a flight attendant instructs parents to do in the event of a midair emergency when traveling with children. “Remember to put an oxygen mask on yourself first before assisting your child.” It is the ultimate metaphor for all parents on the importance of practicing self-care. Yet it is even more crucial for parents navigating the special needs journey.

Connecting with other moms who know what it’s like to walk in your shoes helps you feel less alone. In my groups you will learn how to make your own self-care a priority so that you can achieve greater life balance for yourself and your family. Click on the About and FAQ pages to learn more about me and my self-renewal groups for moms like you.