“As the mother of a special needs child, PRG has given me a healthy perspective to face daily challenges. Motherhood and life in general is easier and more joyful when I have balance and emotional well-being. PRG has given me the insights and tools to achieve it.”   ~Mary Ann K.

“PRG has helped me find myself again. I feel like I am taking better care of myself and gaining more clarity on what I want to do with my career. Meeting other moms that have similar issues has made me feel less alone. And PRG has helped me learn that if I am happier, everyone [around me] will be happier.”   ~Jennifer B.

“Rhonda is an absolutely gifted facilitator. She created a safe, peaceful, warm, inviting and comfortable environment for all of us. It was wonderful to know I wasn’t alone in my struggles as a special needs mom and that it was okay to acknowledge my feelings in order to successfully process them and grow as a person and mother.”   ~Chondra W.

 “My emotional well-being has been greatly affected by my participation in this PRG. It has helped me see my own worth, and I have made good strides in liking myself again and enjoying my life more.”   ~Ann K.

 “My favorite PRG theme is the ‘Good is Good Enough’ chapter. It’s helped me relax more and has made me a better wife and mother. PRG has greatly improved my outlook on life.”   ~Kim J.

“PRG has helped me achieve a balance in my life. I feel free to be the positive person I have always been but have kind of lost the last few years. I now have the power to be that person again.”   ~Elaine E.

 “Experiencing PRG is so refreshing and inspiring. It’s nice to focus [on me] and be with other moms in the same boat as I am, although we all brought our own ideas and lives to share.”    ~Becky F.

“I enjoyed hearing others’ stories and realizing I am not alone. I’ve learned it’s ok to go away and leave my family to rejuvenate. I’m a better mom/wife and person when I get my ‘me’ time.”   ~Deb A.